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What we offer

“Transfer of Technology”
Heguricho Technologies with its co-operating companies, Agencies, Special Skilled Individuals works as a pivot to undertake programs of technology transfer and upgrading and training of manpower , and hand holding of companies with initial outsourcing from Japan to finally do it by themselves in India in the following activities:

  1. Developing High end diemaking and tool making work
  2. Setting up manufacturing lines
  3. Setting up assembly lines
  4. Manufacturing activities include High Precision + High Speed Press Work , Electric Injection Moulding including Insert, Outsert Moulding, Sandwich Moulding.

In Mould Labelling and 3D printing for plastics, Extrusion, Pick and Place robotics, and PCB manufacture alongside with Semi-Conductor dicing to finish etching for:.

  1. LED lenses and related optical accessories
  2. Display devices including tablet and mobile phones
  3. High end miniature motor manufacture for various goods including cosmetic to mobile phone vibrator motor
  4. Design, prototype and Manufacture of charging devices with and without cable
  5. Manufacture of display
  6. Memory and Processor chip lines and upto 7 nM CMOS Chip

All our co-operating companies are based out of Japan

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